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Banshee. - the industry standard in affordable aerial targetry for surface-to-air and air-to-air weapon systems.


Since its inception almost 30 years ago the Banshee target and its various weapon specific augmentation devices have evolved and been developed with consideration to the requirements of its many customers.


The Banshee aerial target system is in service, over land and sea as a target for a variety of gun and missile air defence systems. It is capable of autonomous operation to distances of up to 100Km and maybe readily configured to suit mission requirements by use of a variety of proven augmentation media.


The Banshee target is available with 3 engine configurations. In addition to the traditional “Whirlwind” engine driving a pusher propeller, configurations are available with either one or two jet engines fitted.


All Banshee targets are fitted with the Meggitt Defence Systems, Command and Surveillance Payload Avionics (CASPA), command and control system featuring digital, three axis autopilot, telemetry, and GPS functions, along with other navigational features.

Operator control is carried out through the Meggitt Defence Systems, Wizard or Merlin Ground Control Stations.


The Banshee system provides the following key features :


*   Sustained, straight and level air speed of up to 350 knots (dependent on configuration)


*   Recoverable and reusable


*   Catapult launched from land or ships deck

*    Proven in over 25 years of service, world wide

*    More than 8,000 systems supplied worldwide

*    Alternative “plug and play” features to provide weapon specific signatures and performance 


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